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My name is Robbie Moreland. I currently work as an IT specialist for the USGS. I have been shooting since I was old enough to walk, and have only become more involved as I have grown older. I became a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor in 2014, and since that time have been teaching CCW and basic pistol classes here in St. James. I also currently hold Missouri and Utah’s CCW permits. I am a life member of the NRA , and a member of NAGR.


MO Concealed Carry

8 hour class to obtain Missouri's Concealed Carry Permit

Pricing: $70/person (discounts for friends, family, groups and certain situations)

Price includes:

  • Use of both semi-automatic and revolvers for live fire portions and in-class training.
  • Ammunition needed for live fire (80+ rounds).
  • Handouts
  • Signed form to take to sheriffs office
  • Beverages and snacks

Class time is divided into:

~3 hours of handgun lecture
~2 hours of range time
~2 hours of Missouri Law Video, 1/2 hour lecture
~1.5 hours of exams and questions.
Times vary depending on class size, weather, and other factors, but will be at least 8 hours.

A pdf of the syllabus can be found HERE.

Contents of the class include:

Pistol knowledge, responsibilities, types of pistols, safety, best practices, loading, unloading, pistol ammo types, ammo storage, ammo malfunctions, pistol grip and handling, how to score targets, handgun cleaning, holster selection, pistol selection, pistol storage, Missouri Laws of handgun carry, Missouri Self Defense laws, Missouri Deadly force laws, Open Carry Laws, Concealed Carry laws, CCW permit process and renewal, and more.

View Syllabus

Advanced Concealed Carry


4 hour Advanced Concealed Carry course designed to put you into various scenarios

Basic Pistol

4 hour Pistol course for people who only want handgun safety and knowledge, and not Concealed Carry Law